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Best Tax Pro can help. Our expert team of Former IRS Agent has over 130 years of cumulative experience finding the best exit strategy for people just like you.
Joshua A. Webskowski
Best Tax Pro, Inc BBB Business Review
Our team consists of Former IRS Revenue Agents and Revenue Officers who knows the system which helps us resolve complicated IRS Tax Resolution Cases just like yours!
Michael D Sullivan
Former IRS Revenue Agent and Officer
Herb Cantor
CPA, Former Revenue Agent/ Appeal Agent
David Hoines
Civil/Criminal,Tax Attorney
Joe Hopkins
CPA, MBA, Former CFO, Business Strategy Expert
Lucy Petry
CPA, Tax Attorney, Lawyer
Julie Lynch
Former IRS Agent & Enrolled Agent
Alysia Dahir
Clayton J. Cruse

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    Get a fresh start - Our tax resolution experts will help you settle tax penalty with the IRS and strategize your future taxes to save your from the problem!

    We help you in many ways:

    • If you owe back taxes to the IRS, our Former IRS Agent can help negotiate a payment plan or settlement on your behalf.
    • If the IRS has placed a lien on your property, we can help you get the lien released by negotiating a payment plan or settling your tax dues.
    • If the IRS has garnished your wages, we can help negotiate a release of the garnishment or a payment plan to resolve the tax dues.
    • If the IRS has levied your bank accounts, we can help negotiate a release of the levy or a payment plan to resolve the tax dues.
    • If you have been assessed penalties by the IRS, we can help negotiate a reduction or elimination of the penalties based on reasonable cause or other factors.
    • If you are unable to pay your tax dues in full, an IRS resolution expert can help negotiate an Offer in Compromise, which is an agreement to settle the tax dues for less than the full amount owed.
    • If you filed a joint tax return with your spouse and your spouse failed to report income or took improper deductions, we can help you seek relief from the tax liability associated with your spouse’s actions.

    What We Do!

    Best Tax Pro can represent you and get the IRS off your back, regardless of the type of IRS tax issues you are facing

    Stop IRS Wage Garnishment

    Stop IRS Bank Account Levy

    Offer in Compromise Settlement

    Unfiled Tax Returns

    Release IRS Tax Lien

    Payroll Tax Settlement

    Received IRS Letter, Notice, Bill or Notice

    Tax Audit Help

    Income Tax Preparation & Filing

    Abatement of Penalty

    Filing Back Taxes Help

    IRS Notice of Intent to Levy

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    – Written By Joshua A. Webskowski, EA, NTPI, USTCP!

    Individuals & Business Owners make the same mistakes in dealing with the IRS, especially when they are under audit.

    In reading IRS Secrets Revealed: How To Survive IRS Audit, Collections, and Appeals, you will learn:

    • How the IRS selects returns for an audit, and the different types of audits
    • Specific techniques the IRS utilizes in face-to-face examinations,
    • What’s involved in taking your case from audit into appeals,
    • The alternatives to collections available, and when, and also
    • Pointers that a troubled taxpayer can reference in making informed decisions.

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      fill asoo
      fill asoo
      We just picked up our business and personal taxes from Josh at Best Tax Pro. He has done all of our taxes for many years. Always accurate, always on time. He is very thorough, conscientious and honest. Would highly recommend.
      Debbie Lanars
      Debbie Lanars
      Josh is always very thorough when he is doing working on right taxes . And very knowledgeable on what you can use on your taxes.
      Lawrence Meyers
      Lawrence Meyers
      Joshua Webskowski at Best Tax Pro, Inc, did an excellent Job taking care of my taxes this year. It was getting too complicated for me to do as was my normal process, and in a little over an hour my taxes were done, signed and submitted. Joshua really helped me out and did so at a fair price. Highly Recommend Joshua and this company.
      Paul Glasser
      Paul Glasser
      I have had Josh and his dad Allen doing my taxes since 1995. They have done a very good job and are fair on their pricing. I will continue with their services until the very end. Thank you Josh and Allen.
      Norm B
      Norm B
      Josh is very articulate and well versed on the ever changeing tax laws. Have used his expert services for 13 years as a small business owner and continue use of his services into my retirement years.FIVE STARS !!!
      Rich Johnson
      Rich Johnson
      Excellent service always!
      Jake Keehan
      Jake Keehan
      Josh knows taxes better than I know the back of my hand. Great experience, every time we go in we learn something new.
      Amanda Schmidt
      Amanda Schmidt
      Very knowledgeable and efficient.

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